The Warrior Workout is a program of exploration and change. More to the point, it is a program of evolution and, more specifically, your evolution. For this journey to take place The Warrior Workout utilizes, as its exploratory tool, the one entity that has been with you since the moment of conception - the human body. You use your body as your map, your tuning fork, your guide to discovery and your impetus for change.

For ease of exploration, understanding and assimilation the human body is broken down into five bodies - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy, and Spiritual. Each of these bodies is examined individually with the acknowledgment that there exists a relationship between each body, as well as, a complete integration of all five bodies. As an integrated being all your layers are connected and encased within the human body making it your perfect teacher in the quest for acceptance and freedom.

In The Warrior Workout there are exercises for each body that will help you learn more about yourself. These exercises are designed to help increase self awareness, open up and enhance communication with your body, your mind, your emotions, your internal energy system and, most importantly, that centered, all

accepting part of you that knows what is necessary to manifest the life and body of your dreams. With The Warrior Workout as your guide you become aware of what you want, what you need and who and what you are. This awareness leads to expansion and acceptance - acceptance of your body, yourself, of others and of life. This acceptance opens the door to freedom. Your body holds the key to acceptance, to truth and to freedom.

You are a Miracle. Let The Warrior Workout help you to embrace that truth. Let The Warrior Workout help you create the body and life of your dreams!

The Warrior Workout consists of five tangible components:

These five components provide a unique opportunity for the participant to explore, understand, and create the body and life of their dreams.