The final layer and that which is the very core of your being is the Spiritual Body. This is the home of your Warrior Spirit and it is from this space of being that its intuitive voice originates. As stated in the introduction, for ease of understanding your five bodies, although connected and working together as a team, are examined and explored as separate entities. It is in arriving at and embracing the Spiritual Body that you sense and acknowledge that there is, in actuality, no separation - no separation within you and no separation outside of you. Through exercises in the Guide along with the Meditations you consciously connect with the Spiritual Body and you expand beyond any tight and restrictive perspective of fear, doubt and judgment into a much broader and expansive perspective where fear, doubt, and judgment hold absolutely no space.

Sensing the Spiritual Body you recognize that you are not thoughts, beliefs or emotions. You are no longer defined by anyone or anything so attachments to these definitions fall away, leaving you with a sensation that helps you recognize that you are one with everything and yet attached to nothing. Your Spiritual Body is the connection to the Miraculous, to the Infinite, to the space of Oneness. Your Warrior Spirit knows this as Truth and it is through open communication with this aspect of yourself that you will embrace and know it is Truth as well. Everything changes once that Truth is felt at its core and life is no longer the same as you fully embrace and merge with the knowing that You are a Miracle.