The outermost layer is where you begin. In The Warrior Workout that layer is the Physical Body. You start to acknowledge the Miracle that is the human body by looking at its beginning - the coming together of two cells, dividing and sub-dividing to create life, a life, your life. Your body is intricate and involved, each part working individually, and also in unison with other parts, creating a whole, living and breathing organism. It holds much information because it is the one thing, the only thing that has been and continues to be with you since that beginning.

The Physical Body is a Miracle. It is the most magnificent gift you will ever receive. Honoring the body carries with it a power that you are not aware of until the moment you know your body inside and out and feel comfortable in your own skin. That is when you actually find yourself grateful for it and in love with it. One avenue to that appreciation and acceptance is physical movement and in The Warrior Workout you make a commitment to do just that - move your body.

The Warrior Workout comes with a purely unique Physical Exercise DVD program that makes it easier to honor that commitment to yourself and your Physical Body. All you have to do is do it! You are also provided with the Guide, designed to help in the exploration and transformation of your Physical Body. In it you will find information and written exercises pertaining to taking care of and caring for the Physical Body.

Perhaps now is the time you look at your life and your body from a renewed perspective - a perspective that accepts responsibility for your choices and is willing to make a change. Moving, appreciating, and caring for the Physical Body are portals to that change - a change that begins to honor and appreciate your Physical Body and moves towards embracing the truth that You are a Miracle.