The second layer of exploration in The Warrior Workout is that of the Mental Body. Consisting of your thought processes, belief systems, and habitual patterns, the Mental Body is a unique manifestation of everything you have been taught and everything you have experienced. You have molded your life from all the tangible choices that you have made so far and now the question becomes, "Is it what you really want?" The Warrior Workout helps answer that question with you. If you give yourself the time and energy to explore and discover, The Warrior Workout will nudge you, guide and support you in a waking up process that accelerates your personal evolution revolution. It provides you with the Playbook - a type of workbook containing suggested scenarios and ceremonies along with written exercises to deepen your inner connection with yourself.

The Playbook is accompanied and supported by the Diary which consists of several spreadsheets to log information and acts as a witness to your entire transformational process. In working through the Playbook and Diary you wake up to the most important person in the world - you. In being awake, open and willing, you notice and become aware of your thought processes and habits and you recognize whether those ways of working are still serving and benefiting you. As the process continues and your awareness and relationship with yourself is strengthened and deepened you become your own best friend, confidant, and soul mate. You begin to make choices that honor and support that new relationship with yourself along with its new way of life - a way of life that supports embracing the concept that You are a Miracle.