For ease of exploration, understanding and assimilation, the perspective of The Warrior Workout is that you are made up of, not just one body but rather, five bodies - the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy, and Spiritual Bodies. These bodies are layered upon one another with the Physical Body being the shell, the outermost layer and the Spiritual Body representing the very core of your being. The purpose of this perspective is twofold. One is to provide a linear path of exploration making it easier to examine, digest, and move forward through The Warrior Workout. The other is to create a bridge from your outer surface to your deep inner essence. The Five Bodies are viewed as both separate and overlapping from layer to layer and also melded together as a tightly fused and miraculously intricate entity with no concept of separateness. As you explore your bodies and recognize the Miracle in which you reside you shift from a perspective of "who" you are to "what" you are. In consciously connecting with all the aspects of you the authentic you is allowed to emerge and a knowing arises that you are so much more than the characteristics you have, the roles you play or the things you do. In this recognition the identities that define you naturally drop away and what is revealed is simply Truth - Truth that you are that which is and that which will always be. You ARE indeed a Miracle.