Everything is energy. It makes up everything tangible and intangible. It is your human body and all its systems, as well as, all thoughts, ideas, words, actions, etc. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed into another form of energy and because of that it has no beginning and no end. Consequently, it is in constant motion and due to its natural tendency to maintain stability it is forever giving and receiving. There is a perpetual ongoing process of change within every form with balance and equilibrium being its constant guide.

The same holds true for you. You are an energy form and you are constantly moving and changing, giving and receiving in order to maintain balance. If you consistently give without receiving or vice versa, it isn't long before you lose focus, feel scattered and become imbalanced. Your Energy Body is where that imbalance takes place and it signals and uses the Physical Body to bring that imbalance to your attention. In paying attention to what the Physical Body is telling you, you give yourself the opportunity to regain balance, to equalize once again and restore harmony to all the bodies.

In The Warrior Workout you will explore your Energy Body by experiencing your own "chi" or life force energy. You will open up your senses and rediscover your ability to distinguish different energy vibrations, as well as, detect and release personal energy blockages, restore balance and enhance the level of your own Energy Body. The Miracle of your creation is that you have manifested into physical form with everything you need including the innate wisdom and ability to take care of yourself. In The Warrior Workout you are provided with exercises in the Guide as well as guided Meditations on compact disk to help and support you in experiencing this Truth. Through these written exercises and guided journeys you will deeply sense the connection between all the bodies along with the infinite power that is available in the potential alignment and fusion of these bodies as you fully embrace the knowing that You are a Miracle.