What if your emotions were not there to take you on a roller coaster ride? What if they were not there to make life colorful or dramatic, tragic or comic, easy or hard? What if your emotions were simply your body's way of getting your attention? This is the perspective of The Warrior Workout and it is what guides you into the third layer of your journey and into your Emotional Body.

Simply put, emotions are reactions to thoughts. The Emotional Body and the Mental Body form a tag team of perfect alliance because when a thought arises and you become identified with that thought you will find an emotion holding its hand. This tag team uses the Physical Body as its playing field. When a thought arises and lingers long enough, the Physical Body initiates a physiological reaction and that reaction gets labeled as an emotion. Many times emotions are pushed away, ignored or denied. This is a great disservice to the Physical Body which is simply trying to bring your attention to something but then has the job of containing or controlling the emotion.

Luckily, it can only do this for so long before it begins to speak up louder through some sort of physical symptom or manifestation. However, by allowing yourself to feel the emotions that arise you can explore this reaction within you and listen to what the Physical Body is trying to tell you which will in turn uncover valuable information as to the motivation behind your choices. In uncovering that motivation you open the door to a deeper level of self understanding, awareness and acceptance. In recognizing that the Emotional Body is the door to noticing and unlocking your past conditioning you could then employ the Emotional Body as a tool for self understanding and awareness. Once that door is open, resistance, insecurity, and doubt falls away, exposing that which has been there all along - the remembering that You are a Miracle.