Here are some testimonials from people who have participated in The Warrior Workout:

"I think an important part is the aspect of self - do things for yourself, think of yourself so you would be better able to help other people and your family and friends"


"I think the meditation part gave you a quiet time where you could introspect your feelings and your energy and do a different level of exercise. It really gave me a lot of confidence"


"The focus that I received at The Warrior Workout helped me to know what I was doing and what I was working on and it brought me to a higher level of working out"


"It made a permanent difference in my attitude towards exercise"


"When you did something else, for instance, out biking or hiking, it was amazing what you could focus on and what you could pull off when you didn't think you had it in you because of The Warrior Workout you did" and "Doing The Warrior Workout was definitely worth it and I would encourage anyone to take part in it and to get a new outlook on yourself, on exercise, on your emotional well being, motivation. It's a wonderful tool"


"It really allows you to focus on what makes you tick, how your mind works and what you are feeling. I think the level of awareness that we were able to get there is something that we haven't lost. Even after we stopped doing The Warrior Workout we still have it within us"