There may be times during your personal evolution revolution that you feel stuck, confused, frustrated or lost and feel as though you could use some personal one-on-one guidance or help. That boost of support may be found in the form of shamanic work, spiritual guidance, energy work or personal training. Each of these practices works in a very specific way helping to align all your bodies so that you may move through your evolution more fluidly. Shamanic Work employs ancient tradition and ceremony to connect with the intangible and unseen nature of the spirit world on your behalf. Spiritual Guidance cuts through the mental workings of conceptual patterns of belief and behavior in order to uncover and bring to the surface your true nature and to have that nature revealed to you. Energy Work focuses on your invisible energy system for the purpose of releasing, balancing and alignment. This in turn affects all your bodies making it less stressful to continue moving on your path of personal evolution. Lastly, one-on-one Personal Training/Life Coaching is always available if you feel a desire to bring more intensity or specificity to your physical fitness program or your life. There is always something new to explore and experience when working and playing with the Physical Body. There are always new frontiers to discover in life and more fun to be had with all your bodies.

Personal Trainer/Life Coaching

Certified by ACE - the American Council on Exercise

Over 30 years experience of working with clients to enhance their physical health and well being

Reiki Practitioner/ Energy Worker/Spiritual Guidance

Certified in Usui Reiki

10 years experience of working with people's individual energy systems utilizing an ability to connect with a client's deep inner essence, to bring that essence to light and provide a support plan for reconnection and alignment for the purpose of living a healthy, balanced and authentic life.

Shamanic Practitioner

Graduate of Keshav Howe's three year apprenticeship program, is educated in various shamanic cultures and has been utilizing shamanic practices for the past 10 years.

Participated in power journeys to sacred sites around the world including North America, South America, Thailand, Nepal, and Mexico and has learned and been initiated in the rituals, ceremonies and healing practices of the ancient shamans indigenous to those areas.

This work is very supportive in helping promote the healing process of any past trauma, present illness or injury within the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energy Bodies.