The Warrior Workout - Program Components

The Warrior Workout is a program of personal evolution. It consists of five components that serve, guide and witness your amazing journey of personal exploration. With The Warrior Workout Guide, Physical Exercise DVD, Playbook, Diary and Meditation CD's you become your own best friend, soul mate and confidant. As you explore and get to know your five bodies - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy and Spiritual - you gain self confidence, esteem, trust and respect. With this personal power you go deeper into your journey until the moment arises when those concepts are no longer necessary and they fall away. As they fall away, acceptance of the moment at hand, and more importantly, acceptance of you, leads to freedom from past conditioning and future expectation. In this space Truth is revealed and life now flows from a space of clarity and presence. This is what The Warrior Workout has in store for you. The question is, "Are you willing to embrace all that it and life has to offer you?"