1. Do I have to do all the components at the same time in order to benefit from the program?

Actually no, you don't have to do all 5 components simultaneously to receive benefit from The Warrior Workout. You will benefit from participating in any one component at any one time. This is about getting to know yourself better and all components are designed to do that.

2. Is there a certain time frame in which I need to complete The Warrior Workout?

No, there is no set time frame to complete this program. It is all up to you as to when you want to participate, how you want to participate, to what degree you want to participate. It is to be done at your own pace and to whatever extent you wish, keeping in mind that you are always capable of handling whatever arises.

3. Is The Warrior Workout a one shot deal?

No, it is not a one shot deal because The Warrior Workout is a program of change. The purpose of it is to recognize that the one constant is change and you can be awake and proactive in your personal evolution. It is a program that you can go back to time and time again in order to continue the deepening awareness of the inner connection to yourself, to others and to all that is.

4. Do I have to do the exercise DVD provided in The Warrior Workout?

No, you do not have to do the exercise program that comes with The Warrior Workout. The Warrior Workout Physical Exercise DVD is provided because physical movement and/or exercise is essential, however, it is not mandatory that you use the DVD. Physical exercise is an impetus to change so you need to find an activity that you enjoy doing and that you will do consistently. Movement is mandatory for good health and balanced well being. The key, no matter how you do it, is to simply move the body and continue moving it each and every day.

5. Do I have to follow the exercises in the Playbook in the order that they appear?

There is an infrastructure to The Warrior Workout Playbook however, it is not mandatory that you follow the order in which the exercises have been laid out. This entire program is about getting to know, understand, accept and embrace yourself and all the exercises are designed with that in mind so no matter how you play with The Warrior Workout you will get what you need.